Students Perform Very Strongly In GCSEs

Higham Lane School is delighted to announce that students have performed very strongly in the 2017 GCSE qualifications.

Following last year's exceptional performance which placed Higham Lane in the top 100 non-selective schools in the country, this year 77% of students achieved five or more passes at grade C or above including at least grade 4 in the new English and Mathematics qualifications.

88% of students achieved a grade 4 or above in English, 79% in Maths, 77% in both English and Maths, and 77% in at least two Sciences. A quarter of students achieved five or more A*-A or 7-9 grades. Students, across all abilities, continue to make above national average progress at Higham Lane School.

Among the School's top performers were Matthew Chadaway (1x grade 9, 9x A*, 1x 8, 1x7); Mohammed-Hamzah Hafejee (3x 9, 5x A*, 4x A); Lauren Gurr (7x A*, 2x A, 2x 8, 2x 7); Aaminah Mulla (2x 9, 5x A*, 4x A, 1x 7); Davit Kim (1x 9, 4x A*, 2x 8 and 5x A); Armaanjot Shergill (1x 9, 5x A*, 2x 8, 3x A, 1x B); Rebecca Goddard (1x 9, 2x A*, 7x A, 2x 6, 1x B); Victoria Ingrams (1x 9, 2x A*, 2x 8, 6x A, 1x B); Elissa Allen (4x A*, 2x 8, 3x A, 1x 7, 2x B); Eleni-Rae Mann (1x 9, 1x A*, 2x 8, 6x A, 2x B); Caitlin Griffiths (1x 9, 3x A*, 2x 8, 4x A, 1x B) and Sajal Rana (1x 9, 3x A*, 1x 8, 4x A, 1x 7 and 2x B).

Phil Kelly, Headteacher, commented: ``This is our first set of results involving the new-style GCSEs in some subjects which have more challenging content and a different assessment system. The students have worked exceptionally hard and risen to the challenge, effectively supported by a hghly-skilled and dedicated team of staff and encouraged by their familes/carers.

``There are so many excellent individual performances to celebrate. It is evident from these results that, even in an ever-changing educational climate, Higham Lane School delivers excellent outcomes which give all students the opportunity to succeed.''

A selection of images from results day can be viewed via the following link: 2017 GCSE Results Day Photographs

Below: A big thumbs-up from Headteacher, Phil Kelly, to Higham Lane School's top performers in the 2017 GCSEs.