Students Voice Traffic Fears To MP

Students have been campaigning for a road crossing on Higham Lane for some time, so welcomed a visit by Nuneaton's MP, Marcus Jones, when they were able to talk about their campaign in more detail.

Members of Student Voice, staff and governors of Higham Lane strongly believe that safety on this road is a real concern as there have been numerous incidents and near misses outside the School.

Very large numbers of students cross Higham Lane to enter School between 8.30am and 8.40am each day. It is even busier at the end of the school day as all the students are leaving at the same time.

To address the issue, Student Voice has been raising awareness of the campaign through the School's newsletter and in local newspapers, as well as talking to nearby residents about the road dangers.

The Student Voice team - made up of Rumaysa Mamsa, Aaron Kent, Samina Tai, Aaminah Mulla and Tyler Dodds - believe that a crossing on Higham Lane, outside the pedestrian gate, will be beneficial for the following reasons:-

> Drivers will benefit as they will see when children and other pedestrians, including elderly people and very young children with their parents, are going to cross the road.

> It will slow the traffic down.

> The students will feel much safer.

> There will be less chance of accidents.

The team has previously written to Warwickshire County Council concerning the safety of the Higham Lane students. However, the Council explained that placing a pedestrian crossing on this busy road was not a priority.

Student Voice has conducted surveys and have received an overwhelmingly positive response from parents, students and the community in support of a crossing. They have also submitted their concerns to the Police and Crime Commissioner at a meeting held at the School in November.

Student Voice is so committed to this campaign that they will continue to raise awareness and hopefully make the crossing of Higham Lane a much safer experience for all concerned through the installation of a pedestrian crossing.

Below: Student Voice members Tyler Dodds, Aaminah Mulla, Aaron Kent and Samina Tai, along with Headteacher, Phil Kelly, School Governor, Roger Brown, and Assistant Headteacher, Jan Allport, highlight Higham Lane's heavy traffic problem to Nuneaton's MP, Marcus Jones.