HLS Votes To Remain In The EU!

Higham Lane students were given the opportunity to cast their votes during a mock EU Referendum held by the School.

In the lead-up to the real Referendum, Headteacher Mr Kelly addressed each year group's assembly, outlining the `pros and cons' of `Remain' or `Leave'.

On the afternoon of the actual Referendum, students were issued with ballot slips and invited to place their `X' in the box of their choice.

A count-up of votes then followed after school by members of the Junior Leadership Team, the result of which was as follows: Remain 50.6%, Leave 46.4%, Spoilt 3%.

This was an outcome that Prime Minister, David Cameron, would have loved in the real EU Referendum!

Above: Members of the Junior Leadership Team get down to the task of counting the ballot papers. Below: The result is announced - 50.6% of students voted to `Remain' in the European Union.