The Incredible Success Story So Far At Sixth Form!

At Sixth Form, we use the A Level Performance System (ALPs) to monitor and evaluate the progress that students make.

The ALPs monitoring reports that we receive at each assessment point allow us to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses against national standards.

ALPs is telling us already at the March 2017 assessment:

> Almost 72% of learning aims (subjects taken by students) at AS level match the grades obtained by the top 25% of students nationally. These are calculated by setting targets for students against the national data set and students who have the same starting point (average GCSE point score).

> Our performance is deemed `excellent' relative to national performance. This measures the overall performance across all subjects (Quality Indicator) and the quality of teaching and learning is excellent.

The Level 3 Ready Reckoner (DfE value added tool) indicates that if performance and progress continues as it has done, the Sixth Form results will be `significantly positive' and above the national average in August 2018 (A Level results).

We are very pleased with the incredible work students are completing and the excellent progress they are making. This is allowing them to strongly drive forward towards realising their aspirations.

MR LADHA, Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form