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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors



Champion for Race

I stand against racial discrimination and prejudice – it involves treating people differently, including isolating, bullying or harassing them, on the grounds of race. I will ensure students have opportunities to learn about different cultures and communities in meaningful ways to foster an understanding of different people, their values and belief systems. I will also debunk common stereotypes.

I am an Anti-Bullying Ambassador at Higham Lane School – I stand against racism, discrimination and prejudice. I have recently been appointed a prestigious place on The Diana Award’s National Youth Board 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of issues relating to bullying, voice the concerns of young people, both at Higham Lane School and nationally, and provide young people with the knowledge and toolkit to tackle bullying.

I chose to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I am tired of bullying being ignored and not taken seriously because it is seen as part of ‘growing up’ or not recognised as bullying at all; it is time we stop pretending everything is OK and admit there is a problem. Bullying is a global problem that not only decreases the victim’s confidence and self-worth, but can have a detrimental and lasting impact on their relationships and those closest to them.

Rather than breaking people down, we should empower people with kind words and supportive gestures so they can be the best possible versions of themselves. Sometimes bullying can be so subtle, it goes undetected or it’s labelled as being ‘harmless banter’. It almost becomes a part of the victim’s reality. Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure at all times - we have a social responsibility to stop bullying and help the perpetrators with their problems.  


Champion for Disability

I will ensure all students have a positive experience of learning and school-life. Some students with a disability think that being hurt every day is part of their life and do not do anything about it. Others know they are being bullied but do not let an adult know. I will educate students on the subtle forms of bullying, the Equalities Act 2010 and encourage students to speak-up.

I chose to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because no one deserves to be in a situation where they are being bullied. I believe we can put a stop to bullying if we all come together and take a shared responsibility for improving the culture in our School and educating young people about bullying.

I am passionate about seeing a change in attitudes towards bullying. I am currently involved in work with Year 7 students, whereby I drop into forms on Thursdays to teach students about what bullying is, the signs and symptoms and how they can report bullying. I have also provided them with advice on topics such as Online Safety, Peer-Pressure, Banter or Bullying? and ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. I am situated in LA5 at lunchtimes - please come along if you would like speak to someone about yourself or a friend. I am a great listener, non-judgemental and will do everything that I can to support you.


Champion for Mental Health

I stand against the mental health stigma and discrimination. I would like to increase students’ knowledge of how to improve their well-being on a daily basis and share effective strategies to deal with mental health problems.

I stand for positivity because I believe with a positive mind-set anything is positive. I chose to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador as I believe bullying should not be accepted or go unnoticed. Bullying is wrong, yet many people will happily be bystanders and allow low-level incidents to progress into serious incidents over time as they don’t challenge such behaviour or report incidents. In addition to tackling bullying in School, I would like to engage in prevention work to stop bullying from happening in the first place. I would like to encourage an ethos of compassion, kindness and respect.


Champion for Tackling Sexual Violence and Harassment

I stand against physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse and harassment. The abuse can also take the form of coercive control over another person, both in intimate and non-intimate relationships. It can also take place online. I will raise awareness of this type of behaviour, particularly low level behaviours so that it doesn’t become normalised and is taken seriously by students and staff.

I chose to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I want to help people who are not confident in coming forward and reporting bullying because they either fear the consequences of speaking out or do not feel anyone will do anything about it. I believe bullying is a serious issue – the impact of bullying is not always noticeable, but it can slowly chip away at a person’s self-esteem and self-worth and reach a point where the person becomes a shadow of their former-self. They become unrecognisable and begin to behave in ways which are out of character or simply become indifferent. I do not want people to suffer in silence. I want to ensure people feel confident to come forward and speak to me, even if they are not sure if it is bullying. I am always available to listen and help.


Champion for Age and Gender

I stand against discrimination based on age and gender in all environments. I will promote the fair treatment of boys and girls and also people of different age groups. In particular, I would like to make girls a top priority by creating an equal and inclusive environment and challenging stereotypical views about women. My mission is to spread the belief that there is no glass-ceiling for girls.

I chose to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I am determined to make our School a happy and safe environment, where students do not fear being picked-on by others. I believe in equality for everyone and believe everyone has the right to feel safe and happy in and outside of school. If you have any issues or concerns – please speak to me. I am determined, a good listener and very approachable. As one of your Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, I will do my very best to reduce the levels of bullying in our school to help make it a safe, supportive and happy place for everyone.


Champion for Religion

I stand against religious discrimination. It's still discrimination if someone doesn't mean to treat you differently or if they make a wrong assumption about you. I would like to create a culture where all students understand the importance of respecting people’s beliefs and their right to follow/not follow a religion.

I became an ABA because I want to raise awareness of the effects bullying can have on young people, especially long term effects of bullying. Being an ABA gives me the opportunity to ensure that the students in our School are educated on this issue and feel safe, secure and welcome. I believe that people should treat others how they wish to be treated, rather than putting them down and criticising them. I aim to teach students about fostering positive interactions and relationships with people, the importance of showing people respect and being treated with respect in return and, finally, being open-minded about differences – our differences make us unique, interesting and stronger – not weaker.


Champion for Online Safety

I would like to support students in managing online risks and using the Internet positively and safely. In particular, I would like to educate students about the importance of managing their screen-time.

I chose to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I feel very strongly about bullying. My aim as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador is to make people more aware of what bullying is and why it is not acceptable. Another reason why I joined is because I was bullied myself in school and I feel I can use my experience to help others who are or have experienced similar issues. My aim is to make this School a safe place for staff and students. I would like to create a culture where people stand up for people who are being bullied and intervene in order to send a zero-tolerance message to all.


Champion for Sexual Diversity

I stand against discrimination based on sexual orientation and ‘perceived’ sexual orientation. The discrimination can be direct or indirect. People may be a target of this type of bullying because of their appearance, behaviour, physical traits and the sexual orientation of someone they know. It can also take the form of victimisation and harassment. I will raise awareness of homophobic bullying and the devastating affects it can have on young people.

I chose to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador as I recognise the pressures and struggles of young people at school. I believe with specific knowledge and awareness, people will understand that the added stress of being bullied at school can be very damaging to someone’s life. Personally, seeing the effects of bullying has motivated me to notice the signs, symptoms and impact of bullying and how damaging it can be to people in the long term. I would like to raise awareness about bullying in a fun, unique and creative way – although bullying is a very serious issue, we can still raise awareness in an engaging and sensitive way without diluting the message.

Self-esteem, confidence and mental health is intensely affected by bullying, thus I will endeavour to make bullying less of taboo subject and encourage people to discuss it in an open an honest manner. I urge anyone who is struggling with any issues to come forward and feel safe in the knowledge that Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and the School with act on it and provide you with the necessary support.


Champion for Tackling Verbal Abuse

I stand against verbal bullying because it can be just as harmful as physical bullying. It is commonly thought that girls use subtle forms of verbal bullying and boys use physical bullying, however, boys can also use subtle bullying techniques for the purpose of domination and are practised in using words when they want to avoid getting into trouble. I will raise awareness of all types of verbal bullying as it can affect people in emotional and psychological ways.

I am honoured to be one of the School’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. This role is significant to me because I have experienced and witnessed bullying in the past. Therefore, I will strive to ensure no other student gets treated unfairly as I believe nobody should be at a disadvantage compared to their peers in relation to their experience of school, and most importantly their safety.

In addition, I am enthusiastic about being introduced to the The Diana Award Anti-Bullying programme because it has provided us with the knowledge, resources and strategies to tackle bullying. Educating the community about bullying is one of my many passions, since there are different types of bullying, an array of reasons for bullying and varied signs and symptoms. Moreover, some students are more susceptible, i.e. students with SEN, disabled students and LGBT.

My purpose as an ABA is to demonstrate an understanding of Mental Health and share my knowledge with others. Moreover, I want our campaign to encourage students to stop being so secretive about their own mental health so that we can give every student at HLS an equal chance of success - we are all here to learn and no obstacle should prevent anyone from doing so.

I am always free to help anyone, at any time – you can find me in LA5 at lunchtimes, the LRC after school and on the playground during breaks. All issues will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.


Champion for Body Confidence

I stand against unrealistic beauty pressures. I will promote positive body image and campaign to change attitudes to body image and promote a more inclusive definition of beauty.

I represent strong communication between staff and students. I chose to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I wanted to develop my knowledge in this area and equip students with the skills and confidence to report bullying and stand up against bullying by intervening in a safe way. It can be very intimidating when groups of people are involved in bullying as the power imbalance is dramatically in favour of the group. This can be a terrifying experience for the victim and affect their sense of belonging. Thus, I would like to promote positive behaviours and interactions in order for students to feel safe and also to create an inclusive School community. I would like every student at HLS to embody Princess Diana’s qualities of kindness, compassion and service.



  • Talk to a member of staff of your choice.
  • Talk to your parents/carers.
  • Write/give details of the incident to a member of staff or an Anti-Bullying Ambassador.
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will be situated in LA5 at lunchtimes. You can also request to speak to Anti-Bullying Ambassadors during Registration via Student Services.
  • Talk to Miss Arshad - she is responsible for Student Leadership and is the Anti-Bullying Lead in School.

If bullying is suspected or reported, it will be dealt with immediately by the member of staff/Anti-Bullying Ambassador who has been made aware of it.