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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

Art & Design

The Art department comprises of four purpose built Art rooms, each including imaginative and inspirational displays which share past and current pupils' project outcomes. We are also lucky enough to have our department ICT suite which is predominantly used by GCSE Photography students. We endeavour to provide students with a range of experiences from two-dimensional techniques to three-dimensional craft.

Key Stage 3 Art and Design

In Years 7 and 8, students will have three lessons of Art every fortnight. Each year, students will be encouraged to develop their imagination through a range of two-dimensional processes such as; drawing, painting, printing and ICT. Students will also have the opportunity, each year, to design and make a three-dimensional outcome. Students will create artwork with close links to artists and craft makers helping them to develop essential analytical skills. Throughout the Key Stage, projects will give students the opportunity to look at other cultures and consider their response to the world, through Art. Whilst following the National Curriculum, we endeavour to build confident, creative thinkers, giving students the transferable skills they need for GCSE and A-Level should they choose to continue their art education.

GCSE Fine Art

We offer GCSE Fine Art as a three-year course from Year 9 through to Year 11. Students receive four hours of lesson time over the fortnightly timetable. In Year 9, students continue to build on the formal skills from Key Stage 3 with independence and understanding of the whole creative process. In Year 10, students will build their coursework project (60% of their overall grade). We aim to prepare students for the externally set exam, which they will undertake in Year 11, by following a specific process which allows students the freedom in choosing personal themes and techniques that work with their highlighted strength. Projects vary each year, but offer opportunities to work with drawing, painting, printing, mixed media and photography. We support students through this journey and encourage them to be passionate about art outside the classroom.

GCSE Photography

We offer GCSE Photography as a three-year course from Year 9 through to Year 11. Students receive four hours of lesson time over the fortnightly timetable. In Year 9, students will learn about technical and creative aspects of photography and taking a photograph. We encourage students to begin to explore different ways of seeing and representing the world around them. They will look at a range of photographers that cover a variety of topics to help them choose their personal themes. Students will then be expected to complete their coursework (60% of their overall grade) within Year 10. In Year 11, students will complete the course with a practical exam project built over 10 weeks. This will make up the remaining 40%. The students' technical understanding and creative application of skills will be formally assessed at the end of the course.

A-Level Fine Art

We are delighted to offer Fine Art at Key Stage 5. Fine Art students will receive 10 hours of tuition time over the fortnight. Fine Art introduces students to expression through the formal elements. Looking closely at line, tone and colour, students are encouraged to explore personal themes through two-dimensional and three-dimensional outcomes. A-Level students will be expected to explore the work of others who are working within the same field and be asked to examine the processes and the context of their work. Exploration, development, refining and personal expression will see them through both coursework and exam.

MRS S BEAUMONT, Subject Leader for Art & Design