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Welcome to English at Higham Lane School! We aim to provide you with fun and engaging lessons where you practise a wide variety of skills through your studies. English is an essential part of your everyday life and you will find that English and Literacy skills learnt with us will provide you with a good foundation for life.

At Key Stage 3 we study a wide range of non-fiction and fiction texts. You may be asked to compare language and presentational devices in newspapers and websites alongside reading a whole class novel where you write about characters or themes. We also encourage you to read privately and some of our homework activities focus on your personal reading book.

However, it isn't just about reading and writing! You will have lots of opportunities to practise your speaking and listening skills in individual and group presentations, whole class debates and informal discussions. You may talk to the class, other year groups, to outside companies or visit our local primary schools and share your work. We also teach some Drama skills in English lessons, working very closely with our Drama Department, and this is a fabulous opportunity to bring alive texts that are studied in the classroom.

During Key Stage 3 you will be assessed regularly. Your teacher will inform you of which AO (Assessment Objective) you will be studying and your targets will be shared with you at regular intervals.

Our ICT suite in English means that you can use media and technology to support your work. All classes regularly use the computers to make their work even more interesting and engaging.

We have lots of extra-curricular activities in English for you to enjoy too. If you are a keen reader, then you can come along to our `Books and Biscuits' club at lunchtime. Perhaps you like to play word games like Scrabble or Boggle? If so, then our Year 7 English Games Club may be for you, organised by our English Prefects. We also run a Key Stage 3 and a Key Stage 4 English Club where you can use our computers to get help with any class work that you may need.

The English Department are also committed to providing you with opportunities to experience English outside the classroom. There are regular theatre visits organised and we give our students the opportunity to be part of the BBC's School Report - an exciting live news event. We offer regular writing competitions to students giving you the chance to see your work published, and have won the Nuneaton Festival of Arts Creative Writing Shield for three years now. This is as a result of students' fantastic imaginative writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Once in Year 9 you will begin studying GCSE English. At GCSE we follow EDUQAS GCSE English Language and Literature. This means that you will study for two GCSE qualifications in our subject. Alongside studying a novel, you will also write and analyse a range of non-fiction texts.

The Department has produced some excellent results in recent years, with 82.6% of our students achieving Grades 9-4, 70.7% Grades 9-5 and 21.7% Grades 9-7 in English, and 87.1% Grades 9-4, 75.8% Grades 9-5 and 30.8% Grades 9-7 in English Literature during 2017.

We are interested in what you think of us too! We regularly hold informal meetings with small groups of students and hand out questionnaires to find out your thoughts on English lessons and to see how we can help you further.

Here, in English, we hope to provide you with fun and engaging lessons, whilst more importantly, helping you to achieve your potential.

MRS K SOMEL, Subject Leader for English