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Sixth Form

Health & Social Care


Do I need to have already studied Health and Social Care?

No! Whilst this course links nicely to Level 2 BTEC or Cambridge National Qualifications you do not have to have studied one of them.


How is a Cambridge Technical different to an A Level?

The Government reforms meant that A Level Health and Social Care is no longer offered nationally. This was because they wanted students in this field to get more vocational experience. Cambridge Technicals achieve this as they are different in the way they are assessed. 50% of the course is assignments and 50% is an external exam.


Why should I study Health and Social Care?

It is an excellent foundation course for careers in areas such as nursing, midwifery, social work or being an early years practitioner. You will explore lots of exciting topics including understanding how your body functions and malfunctions, safeguarding, the law on care and sexual health.


Do I have to go out on placement for this course?

No, but we build in lots of opportunities to apply your learning to real life settings and situations.



This Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate course combines practical, vocational and academic work to give an introduction to a wide range of health care roles. The combination of assignments and examinations ensures you gain an in-depth understanding of what it means to work in the care industry. The topics studied will equip you with some of the skills needed for a wide range of careers including; nursing and midwifery, social work and teaching. It will provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into Higher Education on a health and social care-related programme such as Health and Social Care, Nursing, Teaching, Social Work or Early Childhood Studies.

Exam Board:

OCR –Cambridge Technical Level 3 extended Certificate


Every unit achieved will be graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction. A learner must get at least a Pass for every unit to be awarded the qualification they have entered for.

6 units comprising of 3 examination papers and 3 internally assessed reports covering:
Building positive relationships in Health and Social Care (Internally assessed report)
Equality, Diversity and rights in Health and Social Care (External Examination)
Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care (External Examination)
Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care (External Examination)
Sexual Health, Reproduction and Early Developmental Stages (Internally assessed report)
Nutrition for Health (Internally assessed report)

Course Details:

Building positive relationships in Health and Social Care

  • Types and contexts of relationships
  • Types and theories of communication
  • Factors affecting relationships
  • The Person Centred Approach

Anatomy and Physiology

  • The Cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • The Digestive system
  • The Control and Regulatory systems
  • Treatment and care of malfunctions

Equality Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care

  • The Rights of Individuals
  • The Care Values
  • Discriminatory Practices
  • The impact of legislation and national initiatives

Health, Safety and Security

  • The types and impact of hazards
  • Legislation to promote health and safety
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Responding to emergencies

Sexual Health, Reproduction and Early Developmental Stages

  • Sexual Health and Contraception
  • Pre-natal Health and Conception
  • Health in Pregnancy
  • The stages of Pregnancy and Post Natal Care
  • Care and Development of the Baby

Nutrition  for Health

  • Nutritional and Diet guidelines
  • The functions of nutrients
  • Factors which influence nutritional health
  • Improving Nutritional Health

Other Learning Opportunities:

Visit local service providers and carry out health promotion activities and interactions. The opportunity to carry out a placement in a health or social care setting of your choice. Mentoring of KS4 students in school. Shadowing of care workers. Guest speakers from the care sector in lessons.

Where next with this course?

Health and Social Care is useful for several careers in Health, Wellbeing and Social work. This subject has strong links to the following career and degree areas: speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, midwifery, teaching, early year’s education and social work.


Click on the link below for a copy of the course details.