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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School


The ICT and Computing department strives to provide an engaging and challenging environment where students succeed and develop into independent, life-long learners, equipped with the transferrable skills for life beyond Higham Lane School.

During Key Stage 3 we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which includes basic ICT skills using common software that students will need as they go through education and into the workplace. We also cover topics which include web design, using the internet effectively and safely and designing graphics.

In IT, GCSEs have moved away from ICT and focus purely on Computer Science. We reflect this by covering a variety of appropriate areas to give students an understanding of how computers work and how they can produce programs by learning to code.

This balanced approach to IT should give students the day-to-day ICT skills they need, a foundation for GCSEs and the skills they need to the digital economy.

At Key Stage 4 students can opt to study Computer Science. It demands both logical discipline and imaginative creativity in the selection and design of algorithms and the writing, testing and debugging of programs; it relies on an understanding of the rules of language at a fundamental level; it encourages an awareness of the management and organisation of computer systems; it extends learners' horizons beyond the school or college environment in the appreciation of the effects of computer science on society and individuals.

At Key Stage 5 we offer A-level Computer Science which expends on what students have covered at GCSE and gives them scope to further explore the subject in more depth and detail.

MR E TIMMINS, Subject Leader for ICT