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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

Physical Education

As a Physical Education Department, our role is to contribute to the overall education of young people by helping them lead full, valuable, safe and healthy lives. We aim for our students to develop not only physical competence and enjoyment of physical activity, with a view of promoting lifelong participation, but also valuable personal qualities such as confidence, perseverence, initiative, ability to work with others, leadership, independence and concern for others. This is achieved through a wide and varied curriculum and extra-curricular programme.


Throughout Key Stage 3 and 4, students, through two hours of PE each week, engage in a range of activities. Here, in line with the National Curriculum for PE, students learn, develop and show their competence, their performance and creative abilities and their understanding of the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Our aim is for all students to achieve and make progress by developing their skills and techniques, their decision-making abilities, their physical and mental capacity, their evaluating and improving skills and their ability to make informed choices about active, healthy lifestyles. Students do this through the range of activities shown below.

Key Stage 3 Girls Curriculum

♦ Netball   Badminton  ♦ Dance  ♦ Gymnastics ♦ Striking And Fielding Activities ♦ Athletics ♦ Health.

Key Stage 3 Boys Curriculum

♦ Football ♦ Rugby ♦ Badminton ♦ Striking and Fielding Activities ♦ Athletics ♦ Health.

Attainment at Key Stage 3 is consistently outstanding.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, during core PE, students have the opportunity to choose a more personalised pathway of participation that suits their needs and interests. In all pathways, students take part in health activites and sport leadership modules in netball, football, basketball, rounders, dance or rugby.

Throughout the remainder of the pathway, students either build on and further develop their abilities in activities following on from Key Stage 3, engage in new and different activities such as street dance, volleyball, softball, judo and squash, or develop their creative abilities in a variety of aesthetic and initiative-based activities.

The Department has made good links with local clubs and sport providers, such as Cleaver Squash Club & Gym and dance and judo clubs, to provide students with new, different and enjoyable learning experiences during Key Stage 4.


GCSE PE and Cambridge National PE are both offered as part of the Key Stage 4 Options system. Take-up for both courses is high and attainment and achievement by students is very good. In 2017, 90% of students taking GCSE PE achieved a Grade C or above, and 28% achieved a Grade A or A*.

Extra-Curricular Programme

The curriculum is supplemented by an extensive extra-curricular programme with a range of activities offered to students, which have both a competitive and participation focus. Activities include: ♦ Football ♦ Netball ♦ Rugby ♦ Badminton ♦ Basketball ♦ Athletics ♦ Rounders ♦ Cricket ♦ Tennis.

School teams are run in many of these sports and the School has enjoyed a strong tradition of success both locally, regionally and nationally, particularly in netball, badminton and football. A series of inter-form competitions are also on offer to students where they have a chance to pit themselves against their classmates in a variety of activities from cross-country to rounders!

MR M WILSON, Subject Leader for Physical Education