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Higham Lane
Sixth Form

Year 11 - Year 12 Transition Tasks

Transition tasks for Year 12 Students

Chemistry (A Level)

Criminology (Vocational)

Economics (A Level)

Law (A Level)

Physical Education  (A Level)

Physics (A Level)

Psychology (A Level)

Introduction to AQA A Level Psychology: Getting Started

Please access the short course via the link below and complete the following task

  • Create a PowerPoint with an overall summary of each of the areas presented on the following Tutor2u link
  • Each slide should contain a title and include no more than 5 bullet points
  • The bullet points should outline a summary of the information presented on each of the Tutor 2U slides. Consider what the overall message is that is being presented
  • Add a further slide containing information you can find online or in text books regarding the Biological Approach in Psychology

If you do not have access to PowerPoint please complete this as a written task and use an A4 sheet of paper, in landscape, to represent each of the slides stated above.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Psychology Department in September.

Miss Moore

Teacher in Charge of Psychology

Sociology (A Level)