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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School


School Uniform, Jewellery and Hairstyles

Higham Lane School is first and foremost, a place of learning. We have a proud tradition and our distinctive uniform is part of that. With that in mind, students are expected to follow the rules below. Parental/carer support is essential in ensuring our focus is on learning and achievement. Your support is anticipated and greatly-appreciated.

The School Uniform and PE Kit are available from Match Fit Kit, Weddington Road, Nuneaton, 024 7635 0630; and The Schoolwear Centre, 36 Newdegate Street, Nuneaton, 024 7634 1682 (please check availability prior to visiting the stockists). If you choose to buy non-logo items such as trousers from other suppliers, please ensure that they are the same.

Uniform Suppliers

The SchoolWear Centre, 36 Newdegate Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 4EJ

Match Fit Kit Ltd, Weddington Road,
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0AD

Students are expected to wear the full uniform, including blazer, in the School and on their way to and from School. If students fail to do this appropriate sanctions will be applied.

1. Uniform


a. Blazers

All students must wear the official school blazer in school and on their way to and from school

b. Coats

A plain, full-length black coat or anorak, covering the top of trousers/skirts; Nike Higham Lane Football black training jacket, containing school logo (good quality and available from the PE Department) or Higham Lane netball training jacket.

Unacceptable items include: Coats of any other colours; leather or leather-look jackets or coats; hoodies; tracksuit tops; fleeces; sweatshirts; jackets; denim jackets; coats containing large wording; camouflaged, patterned coats; markings, symbols or stripes; coats with excessive, unnecessary zips; coats from sports teams; other leisurewear.

c. Shirts/Blouses and Ties

Plain red shirt (for boys), red blouse (for girls), tucked in please. Higham Lane tie or clip-on tie; top button done up on shirt, please. Higham Lane polo shirts in summer term, with collar down and no t-shirt or chains showing.

d. Sweater

Official Higham Lane plain, black, V-necked sweater with embroidered Higham Lane School logo. Unacceptable: any other sweater, sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan.

e. Trousers/Skirts

Boys: Plain black, polyester trousers in good condition, not fraying. They should be tailored and suitable for business wear. Unacceptable items include: cords, cotton or denim or flares. Trousers that are skin-tight, and therefore limit the ability to tuck shirts in.

Girls: Skirt: Plain black official Higham Lane School skirt with School logo. This skirt is knee length and should not be worn higher in School. No other skirts are acceptable. Trousers: Plain black official Higham Lane School trousers with School logo.

f. Belts

Plain black belt only. Unacceptable items include: belts of other colours; large buckles and patterned belts.

g. Socks/Tights

Plain black or grey socks only. Socks should be worn with trousers. Tights only should be worn with skirts and should be black opaque or flesh-coloured.

h. Shoes and Boots

Flat-heeled, plain, black leather or leather-look shoes. Plain, ankle-height, black leather or leather-look boots. Shoes and boots should be worn with trousers covering ankles and have only black laces.

Unacceptable items include: trainers (including plain, black trainers that look like shoes and other leisure trainers), high-heels, shoes with coloured sections. Suede. Pumps. Canvas. Boots above ankle-height, particularly military-style, construction worker-type, Dr Martens etc. Coloured or multi-coloured laces. Students show are wearing unacceptable footwear will be expected to wear shoes provided by the School until they have the correct ones.

i. Hats

Hats should not be worn on the school site. Separate instructions will be issued to students during excessively cold or sunny weather.

j. Scarves

Scarves should not be worn inside the buildings.

2. Make-up

Years 7 and 8 girls are not allowed to wear make-up. Years 9, 10 and 11 can wear a discrete amount, but may be asked to remove excessive amounts. Coloured nail varnish or false nails are also not allowed.

3. Jewellery

No jewellery other than a watch, school badges and one, small, plain ear stud per ear may be worn. The wearing of jewellery in body piercings is not allowed for health and safety reasons. The wearing of jewellery in PE is not allowed for health and safety reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: necklaces chains and jewellery should not be worn.

PLEASE NOTE: it is not an acceptable excuse for a student to ask to wear unapproved jewellery to prevent a pierced ear or nose from closing up. Covering piercings with a plaster or other item is not acceptable. In these circumstances, a student refusing to remove an item of jewellery will be placed in isolation and parents/carers will be contacted.

4. Hairstyles

Please keep hairstyles simple and safe. Long hair should be tidy and tied up for health and safety reasons and should not cover eyes. Parents should not allow their children to have hairstyles that break the rules below during term time. Please therefore ensure that hairdressers/barbers are aware of what is acceptable. If these instructions are not followed, students will be placed in isolation and parents contacted.

Please bear in mind that hair dyes take several days to wash out and tramlines and shaved areas take several days to grow back. Please save experimentation to the six week summer holiday.

Not acceptable: Colouring that stands out and is obviously different from the student’s natural hair colour (eg pink, blue, green, red etc.); tramlines; shaved areas that leave hair at different lengths; hair shaped into patterns. Please be aware of recent trends where the sides and back of the head is cut short leaving a distinct line/edge between that area and the rest of the hair. This type of haircut is not allowed.

5. Tattoos

Students are not allowed to have tattoos.

Thank you for your assistance in supporting smart appearance in Higham Lane students. I hope you will agree these are simple, straight-forward expectations. By encouraging your child to follow these rules, we can all focus on teaching and learning and achievement, not waste time phoning you about the colour of a coat or hairstyle. You have agreed to send your son/daughter to this school. Adhering to our dress code is essential. Inappropriate items will be confiscated from students, where appropriate and students will face further sanctions if they refuse to comply with these rules.

6. School Bags

Bags should only be school bags which are appropriate for carrying school equipment and essential personal items, not handbags. Bags displaying inappropriate images are not acceptable.

PE Kit

In September 2011, we introduced a new PE kit this year for boys and girls. If students have the old-style of PE kit, this is acceptable, but please can you be aware that the new range of higher quality kit is now available.


  • Training shoes, clean and appropriate for indoor use.
  • Plain, black leggings with school logo.
  • Red polo shirts with school logo.
  • Black hoodie with school logo.


  • White socks
  • Girls black shorts with school logo
  • Red/Black sports socks with HLS lettering.
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms may be worn.


  • Training shoes, clean and appropriate for indoor use.
  • Football boots with studs.
  • Boys’ red and black multi-sports shirt.
  • Boys’ black shorts with school logo.
  • Red polo shirt with school logo.
  • Red/Black sports socks with HLS lettering.
  • Black hoodie with school logo.


  • Plain, black tracksuit bottoms may be worn.


Please mark every item with your child’s full name.


The following items of kit are optional, but, due to the fact that many sports take place outdoors, these items are highly recommended. They are suitable for boys and girls and can be purchased from the PE Department in September.


  • Black training jacket with school logo (This can be worn as the school coat).
  • Black training trousers.

All students are expected to have the compulsory items for the first PE lesson.