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Higham Lane School

Higham Lane School

Lunch Menu and Allergens

Chartwells Catering

Chartwells has put the fun back into food here at Higham Lane, and continues to develop our very successful relationship with the School. We are working hard to give the students, staff and visitors to the School the healthiest, most nutritious food found in any school in Nuneaton.

Since September 2006, we have been fully compliant with the School Food Standards. The key principles behind our health and nutrition policy are:

Providing students with great tasting, nourishing meals that they're going to love and enjoy is our priority to ensure students grow healthy and strong with a positive relationship with food.


We have listened to the feedback we have received from students, parents and guardians, and you, our partners to revise our menu. Take a look below at the changes we have made.


  • We've introduced more ‘fast casual’ food-on-the-go bringing food service and choices in line with a High Street menu.
  • We've included more plant-based choices throughout the week ensuring healthier choices are available everyday.
  • We've made 28 new dishes available including 12 new vegetarian dishes, balancing familiarity with new and exciting flavours and tastes.
  • All ingredients are checked for compliance to ensure they meet government salt and sugar targets with no unwanted additives or allergens.
  • All recipes are checked to ensure they contain the right portions of key nutrients.
  • All menus provide a good balance of the main food groups.

We offer an extensive range of dishes, all of which can be linked in with a meal deal offer. The meal deal offer price this year is £2.45, and for this you can get at least an excellent quality main dish and a desert. The Complete Meal Deal offers our students the choice of either a meat-based or vegetarian main dish together with carbohydrate and either vegetables or salad & a hot fruit based pudding or fresh fruit.

Here at Chartwells, we aim to establish a positive association between food and health. We believe that part of our role as this School's caterer is to assist in informing, encouraging and providing the opportunities for students to enjoy their school meal times, develop good eating habits and lay the foundations for their future health.

If you do have any questions, or wish to discuss your child's specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us using the main School's telephone number, 024 76388123.


For the latest lunch menus and allergens, please click on the download link below.