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Year 8 Options

Welcome to the Year 8 options section of our website. 

Over the next few weeks, Year 8 students will be deciding which subjects to study in Years 9, 10 and 11. Some subjects you have to carry on studying (these are known as the core subjects); others are optional.  This section of the website gives information about the Key Stage 4 curriculum, which you will start in September. The good news is, you have some choice in the subjects you will be studying! It is important that the subjects you and your parents/carers choose are the right ones for you — the ones you will be happy and successful doing. We hope that the information on these pages will support you in making these choices. 

At the bottom of this page you will find two presentations by Mr Banks.  One is for parents and carers and explains the options process.  The other is the presentation which was shown to all Year 8 students at the start of the options process and explains the core subjects you will be studying in Years 9-11. It also explains the subjects you have a choice over studying (known as your option choices) in order to personalise your curriculum in Years 9 to 11 and should be watched again before looking at the individual subject pages.  There is also a third presentation by Mr Banks under the Key Reminders section which should be watched once you have looked at the individual subject pages.  Other pages on this section of the website include:-

  • Subject pages which give you information about each of the core and option subjects in Years 9 to 11
  • Types of qualifications and the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc).  As a school, we are committed to the English Baccalaureate as this offers a broad and balanced curriculum and keeps your options open for further study and future careers.  Students will study GCSE French as one of the core subjects in Years 9 to 11 and must choose either History or Geography as one of their three option choices.  For further information on the EBacc, please visit the E Baccalaureate Explained section of the website.
  • Helpful advice when choosing your options, including details of useful websites and frequently asked questions
  • Key reminders when choosing your options

The option choice form will be issued on Tuesday 8th March 2022.  We have extended the deadline for returning this form to Monday 14th March 2022.  This is to allow you a few days extra after the taster lessons in Business, Drama, Health and Social Care and Sociology to make your decisions.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing cases of Covid-19 amongst students and staff in school and our local community, we have taken the decision not to run a face-to-face options evening this year.  However, the good news is that all of the information you would have been given on the night (and more!) is available here on this website.  We will do everything that we can to make choosing your options as straight forward as possible.   There is lots of support available for you, both on this website and from your teachers, form tutors and your Progress Leader.  We are also planning taster lessons to give you a taste of what the option subjects are like in Years 9, 10 and 11, including those you don’t study in Year 8.  You can ask your teachers questions about their subjects and if they aren’t able to provide the answer or if your question is about a subject you aren’t currently studying, you or your parents/carers can email and we will provide the answer.

Good luck with choosing your options Year 8!


Mr Banks                                            Mr Ireland

Deputy Headteacher                         Progress Leader for Year 8


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