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Higham Lane School

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Core - English



What Will You Do? 
During these courses you will develop your ability to:  

  • read a range of plays, poetry and novels;  
  • read and study a range of non-fiction texts such as newspapers and websites;  
  • respond to texts with analysis and interpretation;  
  • write personally and creatively using descriptive and narrative writing;  
  • write non-fiction texts, such as letters, reviews, reports and articles;  
  • communicate information and argue a point of view clearly, in speech and writing;  
  • continue to develop your literacy skills;  
  • continue to develop your speaking and listening skills. 

How Will You Do It? 

  • You will take part in a variety of reading, writing, speaking and listening activities. 
  • You will work on your own, in pairs, and in small or large groups. 
  • To support your learning, visiting theatre companies will also help you prepare for the examinations by performing key plays. We will also organise various theatre trips to any plays being performed locally which you are being examined on. 

What Qualifications Can You Obtain? 
Separate GCSEs are awarded for English Language and English Literature at grades 9-1. There is a single tier of entry for both subjects. At Higham Lane students follow the ‘Eduqas’ GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature specifications. 

How Will Your Work Be Assessed? 

GCSE English Language 

Component 1: 20th Century Literature: Reading and Creative Prose Writing Written examination : 1 hour 45 minutes. 40% of qualification.

Component 2: 19th and 21st Century Non-Fiction Reading and Transactional/Persuasive Writing Written examination: 2 hours . 60% of qualification. 

Component 3: Spoken Language. One presentation/speech, including responses to questions and feedback. Non-exam assessment. (Achievement in Spoken Language will be reported as part of the qualification, but will not form part of the final grade). 

GCSE English Literature 

Component 1: Shakespeare: ‘Macbeth’ and Poetry from an Anthology Written examination: 2 hours . 40% of qualification. 

Component 2: Post 1914 Prose and Drama: ’An Inspector Calls’ by J.B Priestley,19th Century Prose: ’A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens and Unseen Poetry Written examination: 2 hours and 30 minutes. 60% of qualification.

 Learners are not permitted to take copies of the set texts or the Anthology into the examination. 


For further information, please contact your English Teacher or Mrs Somel, Subject Leader for English.