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Summer Tasks

Transition Summer Workbooks

Welcome to your Learning at Higham Lane School!  'Be the best you can be!'   

Our teachers have put together some activities from some of their subjects to help you get ready for learning at Higham Lane School!    

Our Summer of Reading is really popular with Year 6 students preparing for Year 7!  Why not have a look with your parent/carer at the reading list for some reading ideas!  At Higham Lane School we aim for at least 20 minutes of reading each day, so creating this reading habit now, if you haven't done so already, will really help you from September!  Complete your reading log and have a go at some of the writing tasks to really impress your English teacher with your efforts! 

The maths project will help develop your numeracy knowledge and skills by getting you thinking about and working with numbers!  There are times tables grids to practise with as well as giving you an opportunity to look at one of our Knowledge Organisers - these have all the key information and skills needed for some maths lessons.  Use the Look-Cover-Write-Check method to try and remember these key points! 

Science breeds our curiosity in the world around us of course and from September you will have lessons in Physics, Biology and Chemistry from our specialist Science teachers.  With these Science tasks you can really develop your knowledge and thinking skills by exploring what happens in these practical experiments. What are the reasons for this?!  Remember to always get your parent/carer's permission before attempting any of the projects!   

Bonjour Year 6 students!  And finally, in the French pack you will find activities from a range of topics that we will cover from September so you can really get a head start on your learning and enjoy exploring other cultures and traditions! 

So, with so much to choose from, why not set yourself a target of completing one subject activity each week alongside reading your book for 'A Summer of Reading'?  

We are really looking forward to seeing your work in September!  Please keep it all safe, bring it into your new teachers and you will be rewarded with house points!  The ones that show really excellent effort will receive small prizes and certificates.  And remember, 'be the best you can be' in your efforts with learning.  I will be introducing myself to you in an Assembly where I hope to also hear about what your favourite reading book was to read this summer with a reason why!

Good luck with your learning! 

Mrs Robinson (Deputy Headteacher)